This is an experiment. Sometimes I want to write something onto the internet that I don’t necessarily care about ever finding or reading again. But I also like the idea of having an opportunity to semi-randomly re-encounter these scraps of text as if they’re found” writing from someone else. Kind of like fortune-cookie slips or crumpled up Post-It notes or old torn-out journal pages found in the bottom of a desk drawer or closet. Fun to pick through with idle curiosity.

https://txt.fyi/+/0d435268/ https://txt.fyi/+/d94cd2f0/ https://txt.fyi/+/a6e6f5f7/ https://txt.fyi/+/19f02cf9/ https://txt.fyi/+/bf93c691/ https://txt.fyi/+/e121d849/ https://txt.fyi/+/fe43d87d/ https://txt.fyi/+/8f8c1db1/